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BLUESHARK advanced abrasive wheels technology based on years of experience and ongoing research. We recognizes that there are many choices available in abrasive market but mostly supplier just offer products very similar to others.  For make us different with competitiors, we always working hard challenge ourselves and Innovative abrasives materials,technology,service.etc regular used in critical areas such as Quality, Safety, Shipment , After-Sale-Service,etc.  

We want all customers feeling good about the choices they have made. We want to listen customers' comments and understanding what is your requirements,We will not stop working for you. 

When you open the BLUESHARK boxes, you will not only see the abrasives wheels......


*1999~2000---China blueshark Abrasive Factory was established formally in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.

*2000~2002---"BLUESHARK" resin bonded cutting and grinding discs came into market and recieved good feedback. 
*2003~2004--- We updated the equipment ,added new technics and start running exporting-business. 
*2004~2005---Ours exporting business rapidly increasing and "BLUESHARK"  become popular brands in some countries.
*2006~2007---We set branch factory in Jinuha, Zhejiang province and produce bonded abrasives especially the superthin cutting discs. 
*2007~2008---Ours sales amount in EURO increased 100% due to high performance with competitive price system. We have established close-relationship with many leading abrasives companies from all of the world.
*2008~2009---BLUESHARK start push coated abrasives suck like flap discs, fiber discs into marketing.  
*2010~2011--- In 2010, BLUESHARK sales department was divided independently for providing more professional service for customers. From 2011, BLUESHARK aim globe market and start push ours own brands in the world, we have developed distributors in 14 countries during these year and got rich experiences about how to control over-seas marketing and protect distributors marketing-benefits.
*2012~2013--- BLUESHARK concentrate in superthin cutting discs and flap discs technology reserch. Innovative products introduced regular to ours customers and recieved great feedback-not only in techonoloy but also marketing.    


We produced abrasive tools more than 10 years and now run a complete quality control system. We do have rich experiences contorl the performance be stable under various circumstances. The production is conducted under the ISO 9001: 9002 and Germany MPA standards. From raw materials to product storage, all processes are well controlled by ours Engineers and QC. 

Abrasives Quality Control system

a). Income Raw Materials Inspection:  Only approved specifications and process raw materials to manufacture our products. The inspection including : raw abrasives, resin, reinforce net, arbor ring, etc.  
b). Production Processing Inspection:  We will checking every pcs big diameter discs balance during the production.  Also we will testing every day productions' general performance. We have established A to Z tracking system and can response quickly  if any complaints.
c). QC  Inspection: Ours professional QC with rich experiences about various abrasives discs. All of their checking-report will record to ours data-base.  Details testing reports available for each customers' order before shipment.
d). Packing Inspection:  We will carry out the final inspection during the packing course and mainly is checking the discs appearence and sharpness. All the discs only passed above 4 steps inspection will shipment to our customers. 


BLUESHARK abrasives wheels 100% comply with European safety and environmental standards. In our views, just got those certificates is not enough and the most important is how to strictly comply it. 

Abrasives MPA certificates


a). " All in One " Ceramic Superthin Cutting Wheels

This innovative superthin cutting wheels almost can cut off all materials well such like : Metal,Steel,Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Carbon Steel, PVC, etc.   The innovative mixed green color ceramic abrasives bring maximum cutting ability and long using life . It's cutting with no heat-discoloration and with minimum pressures..... ( Read More)

b). Ceramic Abrasives Flap Discs

BLUESHARK innovative ceramic flap disc is your best choice when grinding stainless steel, titanium, inconel, and other hard metals.100% Germany ceramic materials with super Longer & Cooling grinding ability......    ( Read More )

c). Green KNIFE Small High Speed Cutting Disc

The discs made from innovative mixed green ceramic abrasives and special processing reinforce net. The excellent fast & cooling cutting ability and long using life can compare with 3M "Green Corps" series cutting discs......    ( Read More )

d). Green Flexible Fast-Grinding Discs

The discs have high shock & bending strength. Suitable flexibility for used on flat, concave and convex work-pieces. The innovative mixed green abrasives support fast grinding & polishing ability on Steel, Metal , Non-ferrous Metals, Plastic, Stone,Glass, etc......   ( Read More )

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