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Green Small High Speed Cutting Disc
Green Small High Speed Cutting Disc

Green Small High Speed Cutting Disc

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BLUESHARK GREEN KNIFE  Small High Speed Cutting Discs made from innovative mixed green ceramic abrasives and special processing reinforce net. The excellent fast & cooling cutting ability and long using life can meet all cut-off requirements. The using life last three times longer than general aluminum oxide cutting discs.  

This style cut off discs very popular in Korea, USA and Canada market.

1) APPLICATIONS: Cutting stainless steel pipes, sheet metal, frames, bars, clamps with high speed tools applications.


*Cooling, Sharp, Fast cut with minimal product wear

*Bright "Points" on the surface

*Specifically designed for  high RPM Cut-off Wheel Tool Applications
*Double reinforce net provide max safe cutting
*The disc edge color is black and inner color is green 
*Low vibration & noise & dust


Green high speed cut off wheels T41-FLAT TYPE                                      

ORDER NO               SIZE                MAX RPM             TYPE        QTY/BUCKET                              

G41A761095           76x1.0x9.5              25000                     T-1             100PCS

G41A1051095        105x1.0x22.2           19100                     T-1              50PCS 

G41A1051495        105x1.4x22.2           19100                     T-1              50PCS 

G41A1251416        125x1.4x16              15300                     T-1              50PCS



flexible cut off discs

a) This cut off discs with excellent " Flexible" performance.

b) For make best performance, run your tools in max rotation speed but do not exceed which show in the labels.

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