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Zirconia Flap Discs
Zirconia Flap Discs

Zirconia Flap Discs

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BLUESHARK Zirconia Flap Disc   is your best choice for universal matching tasks with very high stock removal rates and heavy-duty use. VSM, NORTON, KLINGSPOR, etc sanding papers flap discs available according to customers' professional requirements.  Except thicker Fiber-Backings , We also supply flap discs with Nylon Backings, Plastic Backings and ABS backings.  



For grinding tasks such as weld seam dressing on planar surface,suitable for duty deburing and beveling work on stainless and high temperature steels, also suitable for deburring and chamfering edges. 

*Very high stock removal rate
*Very short matching times
*Very little surface pressure required.
*Cool grinding properties prevent thermal damages
*More durable than Aluminum 
*Made of zirconia grain with a high grit strength for maxmum grinding efficiency 

*Tough construction permit edge-grinding 



Zirconia Flap Discs T27-FLAT TYPE                                                             

ORDER NO               SIZE                GRIT                   TYPE               QTY/BOX                              

 27Z10016                100x16             G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs

 27Z11522              115x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs

 27Z12522              125x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs

 27Z15022              150x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs

 27Z18022              180x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs            



 Zirconia Flap Discs T29-CONICAL TYPE                                   

ORDER NO               SIZE                GRIT                   TYPE               QTY/BOX                           

 29Z10016                100x16             G40~120#             T27 Concial            10pcs

 29Z11522                115x22.2          G40~120#             T29 Conical            10pcs

 29Z12522                125x22.2          G40~120#             T29 Conical            10pcs

 29Z15022                150x22.2          G40~120#             T29 Conical            10pcs

 29Z18022                180x22.2          G40~120#             T29 Conical            10pcs            



ABS backings Flap DiscsT27-FLAT TYPE with ABS Plastic Backings                 

ORDER NO               SIZE                GRIT                   TYPE               QTY/BOX                                

 27ZP11522              115x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs

 27ZP12522              125x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs          


 Flap Discs with HUBT27-FLAT TYPE with HUBS                                           

ORDER NO               SIZE                GRIT                   TYPE               QTY/BOX                              

 27Z11522H              115x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               5pcs

 27Z12522H              125x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               5pcs          



     High Density Flap Disc

a) TURBO style available--Coated 30% more abrasives than standard !!!

b) BLUESHARK produce flap discs with different backing plate:
*Fiberglass backing plate - Most popular and it's can reduce vibration and is consumed together with the flaps. High strenghth with light weight.
*Plastic backing plate- With very nice lookings and is trimmable to increasing service life. The ABS plastic backing with very high strength and supply mas safe working performance.
*Nylon - Very familiar with plastic backings but with more light weight.
*Metal HUBS: provides extra high strength and rigid support as needed and normally using for heavy task . Also it can be recycled. 

c) Except ours standard Domestic , Korean Zirconia sanding paper,  VSM, NORTON, KLINGSPOR, etc available according to customers' requirements.

d) Grit size recommendation

    40#--Aluminum ,Unalloyed and low-alloy steels,low-strength stainless steel

    60#--High-alloy,stainless steel,high-temperature and heat-treated steels

    80#--High-temperature alloys

   120#--For especially smooth steel finishes(refine polishing)    

e) Best working angles


Grinding     (15~30')                          finishing workings     (0~15')

For best performance , keep 15~30' when grinding and 0~15' while polishing & finishing.    

f) If using flap discs replace fiber discs workings, you should choose one grade coarse grit size. Such like you should using 80# flap discs if 

normally using 60# fiber discs.  

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