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Green Cutting and Grinding Discs
Green Cutting and Grinding Discs

Green Cutting and Grinding Discs

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BLUESHARK Green Cutting and Grinding Discs made from innovative mixed green  abrasives and special designed for stainless steel & INOX applications. The excellent fast & cooling cutting ability and long using life can meet professional stainless steel and INOX cutting & grinding requirements. 

This style cutting and grinding discs very popular in S.E ASIA market due to the sharp cutting and fast grinding performance and comfortable hand-feelings.

1) APPLICATIONS: Cutting and Grinding for Stainless Steel and INOX.


*Cooling, Sharp, Fast with minimal product wear

*Specifically designed for  high stainless steel & INOX 

*The disc body color is green 

*Low dust & noise 

*Comfortable hand-feeling


chopsaw cut off wheels   Chopsaw Wheels Series                        

ORDER NO               SIZE                MAX RPM             TYPE        QTY/BOX                                    

G41A3002525         300x2.5x25.4          5100                     T-1             25PCS

G41A3003225         300x3.2x25.4          5100                     T-1             25PCS

G41A3502525         350x2.5x25.4          4400                     T-1             25PCS

G41A3503225         350x3.2x25.4          4400                     T-1             25PCS 

G41A4002525         400x2.5x25.4          3850                     T-1             25PCS

G41A4003225         400x3.2x25.4          3850                     T-1             25PCS 


grinding discs for stainless steel   Grinding Wheels Series                                    

ORDER NO               SIZE                MAX RPM             TYPE        QTY/BOX                                    

G27A1004016         100x4.0x16.0          15300                    T-27            25PCS

G27A1006016         100x6.0x16.0          15300                    T-27            25PCS

G27A1156022         115x6.0x22.2          13300                    T-27            25PCS

G27A1256022         125x6.0x22.2          12250                    T-27            25PCS

G27A1506022         150x6.0x22.2          10200                    T-27            10PCS

G27A1806022         180x6.0x22.2            8500                    T-27            10PCS



a) This green style discs specially designed for stainless steel & INOX.

b) Extra sharp & fast cutting and grinding performance with good using life.

c) Special for ASIA market.

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