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Chopsaw Cutting Wheels
Chopsaw Cutting Wheels

Chopsaw Cutting Wheels

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BLUESHARK manufacturer a full-line Chopsaw and Stationary Cut off Wheels performs on a wide range of metals, stainless steel, non-ferrous,etc.  The wheels used on low power chop saw machines and excellent fast cutting performance only require little pressure.  

All the BLUESHARK chopsaw wheels are externally reinforced by one or two quality reinforce net and max safety performance even during tough applications. 


Use on low-power chopsaw machines for general-purpose metal ,steel, stainless steel, structural steel solids, pipe and tubing,etc.

*Fast & Cooling cutting with less pressures
*Burr-Free cut off 
*Excellent performance for structural metal applications such as, angle iron, channel iron,etc.
*Convinent On-site workings due to use with portable chopsaw machines 
*Externally reinforced for increased safety and unsurpassed performance


 Chopsaw Cut off wheels     FOR STEEL & METAL                                             Chopsaw Cutting Wheels

   ORDER NO                  SIZE             QTY/NET       MAX RPM        TYPE         QTY/BOX      

41A3053025AS           305x3.0x25.4         1 Net                5100                  T-1              25PCS 

41A3003025EU          300x3.0x25.4          2 Net                5100                  T-1              25PCS

41A3553025AS           355x3.0x25.4         1 Net                4400                  T-1              25PCS

41A3503025EU           355x3.0x25.4         2 Net                4400                  T-1              25PCS

41A4053025AS           405x3.0x25.4         1 Net                3850                  T-1              25PCS

41A4003025EU           400x3.0x25.4         2 Net                3850                  T-1              25PCS


 Chopsaw Cutting Wheels for INOX   FOR STAINLESS STEEL & INOX                              Chopsaw Cutting Wheels

   ORDER NO                  SIZE             QTY/NET       MAX RPM        TYPE         QTY/BOX       

41AA3053025AS          305x3.0x25.4        1 Net               5100                  T-1              25PCS

41AA3003025EU          300x3.0x25.4        2 Net               5100                  T-1              25PCS

41AA3553025AS          355x3.0x25.4        1 Net               4400                  T-1              25PCS

41AA3503025EU          350x3.0x25.4        2 Net               4400                  T-1              25PCS

41AA4053025AS          405x3.0x25.4        1 Net               3850                  T-1              25PCS

41AA4003025EU          400x3.0x25.4        2 Net               3850                  T-1              25PCS



Chopsaw Cutting Wheels for STONE   FOR STONE & MARBLE                                             Chopsaw Cutting Wheels

   ORDER NO                  SIZE             QTY/NET       MAX RPM        TYPE         QTY/BOX        

41C3053025AS              305x3.0x25.4        1 Net                5100                 T-1              25PCS

41C3003025EU              300x3.0x25.4        2 Net                5100                 T-1              25PCS

41C3553025AS              355x3.0x25.4        1 Net                4400                 T-1              25PCS

41C3503025EU              350x3.0x25.4        2 Net                4400                 T-1              25PCS

41C4053025AS              405x3.0x25.4        1 Net                3850                 T-1              25PCS

41C4003025EU              400x3.0x25.4        2 Net                3850                 T-1              25PCS



a) "AS" means only one reinforce net and very popular in S.E ASIA market due to the sharp cutting performance.

    "EU" means there are 2 reinforce net on the both side of the wheels, this style mainly welcome in EURO, USA, 

Latin-America, Middle East, AFRICA.

b) Other thickness such as 2.8mm/3.2mm/3.5mm available according to details requirements.


c) Never using chopsaw cutting wheels side surface do grinding workings!!!

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