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GC Flexible Grinding Wheels
GC Flexible Grinding Wheels

GC Flexible Grinding Wheels

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BLUESHARK GC Flexible Grinding Wheels specially designed for Stone ,Marble, Glass surface polishing and finishing. It's combine the advantages of various abrasives wheels in one application. They are "flexible" and makes the disc adjust itself attaching the work-pieces' surface tightly, also the recesses on the working-side can let the work-pieces' grit easy fly away for reduce grinding temperature and avoid the grits loading on the discs' surface.

Different grit size available to meet different processing requirements. 

Grinding & Polishing & Finishing for Stone, Marble, Glass, Ceramic, etc. 


*The recesses on the grinding-surface make the work-piece grits easy fly away. 

*High remove stock ability at large grinding angle
*Smooth finish at small grinding angle
*Excellent alternative to rigid grinding discs when working on non-flat surfaces


GC Flexible Grinding Wheels     GC SERIES FOR STONE & MARBLE & GLASS             angle grinder center depressed grinding disc

   ORDER NO           SIZE            TYPE        GRIT SIZE         MAX RPM     QTY/BOX            

27GC1002516            100x2.5x16mm          T27             40/60/80/120#                15300                   20PCS

27GC1153022           115x3.0x22.2mm        T27           36/40/60/80/100#             13300                   20PCS

27GC1253022           125x3.0x22.2mm        T27           36/40/60/80/100#             12250                   20PCS

27GC1503022           150x3.0x22.2mm        T27           36/40/60/80/100#             10200                   10PCS  

27GC1803022           180x3.0x22.2mm        T27           36/40/60/80/100#              8500                    10PCS     



a) KEY-Points for best results:

*Hold your right angle grinder at 15' for curvature surface grinding.

*Run the wheel at the highest possible speed marked on the wheel.

*SHARK classification Flexible grinding disc to three raw materials and suit for different application

b) Green color available and made from high quality 100% Green Silicon Carbide according to customers' requirements.

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